The Diva Noire six-fold Golden-Wreathe (it is the highest prize that a breeder can receive in Hungary) smooth-haired dachshund master-breed popularizing the dachshund species for 2 decades.


Me myself has been in love with the dachshunds since my childhood. I was around six years old when a friendly dachshund jumped into our family car. This acrobat-like dachshund established the friendship between me and the dachshund popularity for a life. After a while we took part in our first dog-shows, where we won beautiful cups and not only one but four dachshunds were running around me and my family. Soon the whole family was astonished by the species. In a couple of years we took part in European dog-shows with four enthusiastic dachshunds and we won great results and beautiful cups.


I followed my father’s practice when I started to focus on the dachshund breeding during my university studies.


Being familiar with the national blood-line I created my former dachshund population of which main aim was to “save” the dachshunds from my childhood.


As a young adult my most loyal friends benefit from outstanding quality and exhibition results and fortunately these dachshunds are from the most successful “Chocolat” kennel of the time. This blood-line was about to extinct, but after doing a very thorough family tree research I found the blood-line’s last veterans.


The mission seemed to be impossible but I could make it possible when I reached my goal after a couple of years with the help of stud dogs aged between 13 and 16. When I looked out of the window I was very delighted, proud and satisfied, because I saw the dachshunds from my childhood around me regarding their type, colour and character.


I have been throughout Europe in order to observe how the species are bred. I not only loved them but also improved my knowledge about them as well as I had new goals too and this complexity brought international success.


In the last two decades I managed to fresh up the Diva Noire breed and the Hungarian dachshund popularity with Europe’s best blood line. The world-wide known Belgian “of Lady Joan” or the Holland "v.d. Mibaf’s Hoeve", the Croatian "Kan Trace" as well as my Hungarian friends in Transylvania who have the World and European Champion "Zoldachs" breed in which the outclass stud dogs benefit from outstanding genetics were used in my breed as well (So I am thankful and grateful for Éva Majoros and Csaba, Josef Holstapper, Lammy Hamelik and Julia Vukusic).


I also bought outclass stud dogs in order to improve the breed. The latest was ICh, HGrCh Taksagalaktic Trition (thank you for the breeder, Galina Slesareva, for this amazing dog) from Russia who has not only outstanding anatomy and work aptitudes, but he is also special because he is a brown-tiger male and it makes a very unique colour combination in Hungary.


60 Champion, among them several Inter and Grand Champion Diva Noire dachshund can be found from Russia to Norway throughout Europe. We have already won 2x World Championship Prize, 2xEuropean Championship Prize, 14 times Breeding Grand Prize, several breed couple, Species and Group of Species Prize in different European countries, among others Graz, Lucembourg, Wieselburg, Sarajevo, Helsinki, Praha or Berlin. Nevertheless, not only the dog shows are challenging in my breeding work, but also the fact that as their ancestors they must stand their ground in hunting too. As a result of the conscious, determined fellow in his species which have stable hunting skills. The Hungarian breeders have done very well as the Hungarian dachshund popularity belongs to the frontline in the world to which the Diva Noire Kennel has also contributed.


                                                                                                                                                  Zsolt Bencsik